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Watching What You Cannot See

Optic Security & Self Defense Inc. will keep a close eye on what you do not have time to watch and provide around the clock updates until the job is complete.

Our Private Investigators are careful and swift in completing the job to  your satisfaction. We will not sleep until our clients can sleep knowing the truth.

Our staff have diverse abilities, so make the right choice and let us collect the evidence you need for the leverage you desire to succeed.

What we can offer includes and is not limited to:

- Locating Missing Persons

- Locating Persons of Interest

-  Industrial and Corparate Undercover investigations

- Theft, Fraud and Sabotage Investigations

- Commercial Investigation

- Background Checks and Information Research

- Workers Compensation Fraud

- Insurance and Domestic ( Spousal) Investigations

- Cyber Crime/ Cyber Bullying etc