Watching What You Cannot See

Optic Security & Self Defense Inc. will keep a close eye on what you do not have time to watch and provide updates until the job is complete.

Our Private Investigators are careful and swift in completing the job to your satisfaction.

What we can offer includes and is not limited to:

- Locating Missing Persons

- Locating Persons of Interest

- Infidelity

- Survalince 



 Locating Missing Persons:

Our locating missing persons' division is happy to serving court orders, provide time-stamped video surveillance and locating persons of interest that need to be detained. Happy to work along with Baristas and Peacekeepers to serve justice.


Being uncertain of the loyalty within your relationship can be a heavy burden. Our PI service can confirm or remove any concerns you may have your spouse's loyalty.



Please explain your Private Investigation needs and we will be happy to provide our service or directly put you in contact with someone who can help your needs.


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